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Metal stud partitioning

Lightweight and economic partitions.

A metal stud partition consists of plasterboards screw-fixed to metal sections. They are lightweight and economical both in cost and in the space they take up.

  • Highly cost effective.
  • Good sound insulation for creating areas of privacy.
  • Durable against impact to ensure they will stand the test of time in a majority of buildings.
  • Can be installed flat or curved to suit your plans.
  • Finished ready for any decoration.

Aluminium composite partitioning

Easier and more cost-effective than traditional walls.

An aluminium composite partition is comprised of lightweight plasterboard bonded to an insulating core within an aluminium framework.

  • Excellent fire protection. Can meet any fire-retarding standards.
  • Highly effective acoustic insulation. Can meet sound-attenuating standards.
  • Fast, low disruption construction.
  • Eliminates mess and cost of traditional drywall construction.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy installation of DSL, ethernet and electrical cables.
  • Can be constructed for easy future rearrangement.

Glazed Partitioning

For a clear view.

The aluminium composite partitioning can be partially or fully glazed with either double or single glazing for a windowed partition.

with a glazed partition, you can enjoy the same benefits as any aluminium composite partition, including the ability to be constructed to meet fire-retarding and sound-attenuating standards.

If you are planning to divide up your space, whether your property is commercial or domestic simply get in touch with Feature Ceilings for a free quote and free advice.

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