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Lay-in grid suspended ceilings

Not only do these make your ceiling more aesthetically pleasing, but they also help reduce energy costs.

A Lay-in grid suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling fitted underneath the main ceiling. This is achieved by suspending a grid of metal channels by wires from the main ceiling and dropping tiles into the grid.

The benefits of the lay-in grid suspended ceiling are:

  • Conceal wiring and piping
  • Provide a frame for lighting, ventilation, sprinklers etc.
  • Cover ductwork
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Heat insulation

MF suspended ceilings

For a more cosmetic appearance.

A MF suspended ceiling features a metal framework that is suspended from the structural soffit. Plasterboards are then fixed to the framework to conceal the metal and form a smooth, seamless ceiling.

  • A better-looking ceiling for all types of commercial, domestic and industrial buildings
  • Ceilings shaped to your specific designs. Flat, sloping or curved.
  • Finished with taping and jointing or a plaster skim coat. This makes your ceiling ready for any decoration you have in mind.
  • Very good insulator and can provide fire protection.

If you're looking for a suspended ceiling anywhere in the UK, get in touch with Feature Ceilings to get a free quote and get your new ceiling fitted by experts.

Lay in grid suspended ceiling MF suspended ceilings

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